melodies scuffed up and dragged through the dirt

The Background:  Beginning as a recording project by songwriter/singer Jason Silverberg (aka Jason Jinyama aka Jason Lenning), The Lennings quickly became a brick and mortar musical outfit. With instrumentation and personnel varying along the way, The Lennings birthed the albums Big Beige Car, Geographic Tongue, and Inside. Several Lennings songs have been featured on television, including "B-12" on MTV and the haunting cover of "You're The One That I Want" on NBC's Parenthood.   

The Sound: Walking the line between folk and rock sensibilities, The Lennings focus on engaging melodies, intimate vocals, percussive arrangements, and lyrics dissecting the beauty and absurdity in the mundane and inanimate.

The Name: While unloading equipment under the original name The Lemmings, a small white card fell out of a box. It turned out to be a sign language flashcard for the letter N, and the name changed instantly.   

The The: Band performances = The Lennings. Solo performances = Lennings.